Who sees commercials in an ad-blocked world?

Quick! What was the last great tv commercial you saw? Hard to answer, isn't it? I even find myself straining to remember what spots I loved during the Super Bowl (which really wasn't many, if any, this year!)

Ad blockers. DVRs. On Demand. Cord cutters. There are a lot of ways to get content without actually getting the ads these days. So are the commercials and ads we create being seen by anyone anymore? And if not, then what are we getting paid for? (Ouch, right?)

It's a great question, and one we creatives certainly grapple with daily. It used to be so easy. Even as a consumer I find myself being tortured by the same 3 spots on Hulu, none of which are relevant to me. In this episode of The Pod Couple (below), Barbara Lippert and John Immesoete discuss this very topic. John happens to be my boss. Which clearly means he has the tolerance and patience of a saint to put up with me, but also that he is smart enough to have hired me. :-)