ICYMI Virtual and Social

How IGN approaches content creation for Snapchat.  You know I'm a huge fan of Snapchat. This article details how the gaming channel IGN creates unique content daily for this platform.  Their channel is definitely one of my favorites, along with Tastemade and Food Network. Click here for a great article on Snapchat if you aren't up to speed on the "Ghost." And you should download the app and check out the Discover channels anyway.  They're an addicting way to send an hour (or three.)

McCann and Chevy were the first out the gate to capitalize on the new Facebook options.  In case you are the only one who didn't know about the new options, they rolled out yesterday. Simply hover over the LIKE button and new options pop up.  I was out there loving things all day long! It will be interesting to see how McD and other brands that focus on LOVE tap into this. For now, Chevy moved first. 

10 Best Uses of Virtual Reality.  Worth taking a peek at great ways brands are tapping into VR. By the way, if you have Google Cardboard, the app "Sisters" is worth a download. I can also let you borrow mine. Scare you crazy. This technology is only going to get better.