My SuperBowl Favorites

M&M's Brown. I found this spot really fun, and best of all, it actually focused on a product benefit: chocolate in a candy shell. I was actually wishing I had a bag of M&M's last night.

Chrysler: Halftime
I wish I had written this spot. It's beautifully written and it really pulls at your heart and your patriotism. But I have to admit, I kind of thought maybe he was running for President for the first part of it.

GE Turbines
I loved the connection between GE and Budweiser. It actually made the GE spot more relevant and was such a surprising twist, it stuck with me.

Kia Dream Car
My husband starting laughing out loud when the Sandman tripped and spilled all the sand in the sleeping man. His only comment? "Kia? Really?" I thought it was clever, and I actually remember it was for Kia. Maybe because it seems so incongruous?

Betty White
I've always loved Betty White, so every commercial with her in it makes me smile. She's so damn funny. I hope I'm that intelligent and witty at 90!