Yet another reason why I love Apple

Yesterday my new iPad2 fell to the ground amid gasps of onlookers. At first I wasn't too worried because most of my Apple stuff has fallen a time or two without injury. But not this time. It landed right on the corner of the iPad and *CRUNCH* went the glass.

The sad story does not end here. Thankfully.

This morning I went to the Genius Bar (at the suggestion of the Apple tech I called last night) and they gave me a free replacement. Yes, they know it was my fault. No, it is not usually covered. In the future, he said a cracked iPad will cost me $350. But this one time, he gave me a pass and a brand new iPad2.

He commented that he could see I had only had it 6 weeks, and that I buy a lot of Apple products. They like to be nice, he said, because hey - life happens.

I just checked, and AAPL is trading at $395.30 right now. My friend Tim reminded me that years ago I told him I bought Apple stock because I buy what I believe in. It's true. And my first shares of Apple were purchased at around $34 a share.

But when someone asks me why I love APPLE, it's because of stuff like the free replacement, not because of the cash I've made on the stock. They could have made me pay the $350. Instead they gave me a break. That kind of customer service is why I will always buy Apple products, and I will always love Apple.