In-Store Marketing: Missed Opportunities

Just read this article in Adweek about retailers 'missing' big opportunities to market in store. Of particular interest is the statement that "brands get too promotional and miss the bigger picture of consumer engagement in the store, while retailers lack the more nuanced shopper insights that brands can provide."

The suggestion is that brands and retailers work together for a better in-store connection to their shopper. Clearly a good way to go, but even though brands and retailers share some objectives, they also have opposing ones which can often make that more difficult than it sounds. Brands, for example, have to compete within their own category, where retailers may want more neutrality within categories to provide breadth to the shopper. Areas where it is done best - especially in grocery - are in categories where one brand clearly dominates and provides an entire portfolio of sub-brands that offer the choice the retailer and shopper desire (think Frito Lay in snacks.)