Why not sleep in a beer can?

This may be old news to some of you, but in 2005 the Denmark Smukkeste Festical introduced a new concept called CAN SLEEP®.

Basically, it's an 11 foot beer can you can rent out to sleep in while at the festival. It hs a locking door and a table, chars and working area, along with a ladder that takes you up to the sleeping loft. You can even open the sunroof on top to see outside.

Sponsors of these cans provide the electricity to power the lights and refrigerator inside each can. Festival goers can stay to party for days. When you look at the photos, you might think you are looking at a mobile park for RVs instead of a festival grounds with giant beer cans.

It reminds me of the Charmin ourdoor bathrooms in Times Square in that it provides a needed service right where it's needed most. In this case, by the beer company who wants you to stay and party longer. And why not? You have your own beer can to sleep in.