Charmin Potties in Times Square

Now here's an interesting idea. Charmin has created the "Ultimate Charmin Family Experience" in the heart of Times Square, with 20 clean & roomy restrooms for families to use while shopping and visiting NYC.

Calling it "Charmin's Gift to New York," Charmin is really making a big difference in the lives of their consumers. Have you ever shopped with a kid in a major urban area? I won't use the bathrooms myself, much less let a kid use them. In addition to 20 private bathroom stalls, the restrooms offer baby changing stations, parking for strollers and lots and lots of soft Charmin bath tissue. Several bathroom attendants make sure the bathrooms are kept sparkling clean.

What a great way to connect with consumers, and connect them to your brand. Anyone using those bathrooms -- or even seeing them -- will not soon forget Charmin. And I'd bet that pays off in spades for them when those consumers are in the grocery aisle.