Technology in Retail

Great article in PSFK about  this new lighting system from Philips. Similar to Apple's iBeacon, but integrated in a completely different way.  While I love the theory of how this can help shoppers and retailers alike, I question it's usability, based on my experiences using existing retailer apps in-store.  Spotty signal strength seems always an issue, and I'm not sure they'd be able to identify where I am and deliver a relevant offer with enough speed.  But we shall see. 

Right now I find myself exerting far more effort to make mobile tech work in-store than I think I should.  From having to "walk outside" to get a signal, to waiting for pages to load to check a price.  I doubt the general consumer would devote as much time to the task.  Even at Best Buy -- which should really have cell boosters and free wifi in store to help facilitate the tasks -- I find myself wanting a better mobile experience every time.